Make malicious DNS activities visible with AI-powered analysis

Get to know the advanced features of DNSSense closely and protect your organisation from the threats of the cyber world!

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DNSSense empowers the industry leaders

See beyond your logs with DNSEye

DNSservers generate a large number of difficult-to-understand logs. DNSEye enablesthe collection, enrichment, and AI-based classification of the DNS logs.

With its advanced SIEM integration, it saves time and EPS by transferring to SIEM only the data that SOC teams need to see.

Protect all your users at the DNS level

DNSDome allows you to protect all your users at the DNS level from harmful content online such as ransomware, spam, phishing attacks and even zero-hour malware with the help of its AI-based domain classification.

With DNSDome, connect to the Internet with confidence, on-and off-network.

Find out detailed information on any domain

Cyber X-ray classifies the domains on the Internet according to their historical and contextual data with artificial intelligence algorithms.

Thanks to our constantly updated and powerful database, you can find out the category and much more detailed information of the domain you are analysing.

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