Ransomware Continues to Be a Top Threat

Ransomware continues to be the prevailing form of malware used by attackers for illicit gain and to cause disruption. For many organizations, the loss of critical business cycles and revenues from systems that have ground to a halt far outweigh the price of the ransom itself. With so many potential points of entry, businesses need complete security to ward off this ongoing threat.

Read the Ransomware Checklist and Guide

Stop Ransomware and Phishing with the Fortinet Security Fabric

The Fortinet Security Fabric brings end-to-end security to organizations of all sizes to prevent ransomware across all points of entry. Powered by intelligence from FortiGuard Labs, Fortinet combines market-leading prevention, detection and mitigation with top-rated threat intelligence to combat today’s most advanced threats.

How Ransomware Gets Around Small Business Security

Watch this short presentation to learn the latest SMB ransomware trends, how attackers evade security and how Fortinet can help.

End-to-End Protection From Fortinet

Prevent phishing with FortiMail

FortiMail brings powerful antispam and anti-malware capabilities complemented by advanced techniques like outbreak protection, content disarm and reconstruction, sandbox analysis, and impersonation detection.

Stop users from traveling to malicious URLs with FortiGuard Web Filtering

The FortiGuard Web Filtering Service enhances the core web filtering capabilities of FortiGate NGFWs by sorting billions of webpages into a wide range of categories that users can allow or block.

Detect and respond to malware before it can launch with FortiEDR

FortiEDR real-time endpoint security solutions proactively reduce the attack surface, and protect endpoint devices using machine learning anti-malware and behavior-based detection technology. Customizable playbooks automate responses and remediation procedures.

Identify unknown threats and prevent advanced attacks with FortiSandbox

FortiSandbox leverages two machine learning models that enhance static and dynamic analysis of threats and easily integrates across both Fortinet and non-Fortinet products to provide real-time threat intelligence and speed threat response.

Thwart credential theft with two-factor authentication with FortiToken

With two-factor authentication, a password is used along with a security token and authentication server to provide far better security. Authorized employees can access company resources safely using a variety of devices—ranging from laptops to mobile phones.

Halt lateral movement and worming across your network with FortiGate Intent-Based Segmentation

Fortinet intent-based segmentation provides end-to-end protection across the network. It intelligently segments network and infrastructure assets, whether on-premises or across multiple clouds. Analytics and automation capabilities ensure quick detection and neutralization of threats.

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