Secure SD-WAN

As the use of business-critical, cloud-based applications and tools continue to increase, distributed organizations with multiple remote offices are switching from performance-inhibited wide-area networks (WANs) to SD-WAN. SD-WAN is a software-defined wide-area network architecture to enable digital innovations. SD-WAN solutions transform an organization’s capabilities by leveraging the corporate WAN as well as multi-cloud connectivity to deliver high-speed application performance at the WAN Edge of branch sites.

SD-WAN provides a dynamic path selection between—MPLS, 4G/5G, or broadband—ensuring organizations can quickly and easily access business-critical cloud applications. But SD-WAN solutions don’t provide in-built security which is critical for direct internet access. Secure SD-WAN enables organizations to enable NGFW with SD-WAN in simplified offering.

Application Resiliency

With traditional WAN solutions, organizations suffer a less than ideal quality of experience and have a hard time delivering high-performance bandwidth for critical applications. Since legacy WAN architectures are IP-based, they lack in-depth application visibility. SD-WAN solutions, however, can enable deep application visibility. This visibility can also be extended into encrypted traffic, which is critical, as more than 80% of the traffic runs on SSL/TLS. With advanced WAN remediation capabilities, enterprises can achieve application resiliency for business-critical applications, improve employee user experience, and boost productivity.

Zero-Touch Deployment

SD-WAN, which is based on the same methodology as software-defined networking (SDN), enables faster deployment with zero-touch provisioning capabilities that scale. In addition, a unified management console for both network and security operations simplifies operations at the WAN edge and extends zero-touch provisioning to LAN edge services, as well as wireless and switching.

Centralized Orchestration

SD-WAN Orchestrator allows organizations to simplify centralized deployment and establish automation to save time and respond more quickly to business demands. A centralized orchestrator can provide an intuitive workflow for business policies to strategize distribution of applications, and other traffic, across and between branch offices. With automated VPN overlay bring-up, meshed connectivity across regional hubs and branch offices, especially in larger SD-WAN deployments, is easily managed with minimal overhead. Enhanced analytics for WAN link availability, performance SLAs, application traffic in runtime, and historical stats allow the infrastructure team to troubleshoot and quickly resolve network issues.

Multi-Cloud On-Ramp

Enabling efficient connectivity to the cloud is a core capability of SD-WAN. SD-WAN solutions can be used in public clouds to enable high-performance connectivity between public cloud workloads running on multiple clouds without increasing cost and complexity. Cloud on-ramp is a key SD-WAN capability to enable faster branch–to-cloud connectivity and orchestration. This simplifies deployment and improves agility.

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Keeping you ahead of threats

The Fortinet Security Fabric continuously assesses the risks and automatically adjusts to provide comprehensive real-time protection across the digital attack surface and cycle.

Powered by FortiOS, the Fabric is the industry’s highest-performing integrated cybersecurity platform with a rich ecosystem. The Fabric enables consistent security across the extended digital attack surface. Seamless interoperability, complete visibility, and granular control are now possible for hybrid deployments including hardware, software, and X-as-a-Service across networks, endpoints, and clouds.

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