FortiGate Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) Virtual Appliance

FortiGate-VM delivers protection from a broad array of network security threats. It offers the same security and networking services included in the FortiOS 7.0 operating system and is available for public cloud, private cloud, and Telco Cloud (VNFs). With a consistent operational model across hybrid cloud, multi-cloud, and service provider environments, it reduces the training burden on security teams.

Scalable, Cloud-Native Security and VPN

Securely connect to your application workloads without performance bottlenecks

Improve productivity with a better application experience for your users at remote locations, branch offices, or headquarters with high-speed private and encrypted network connections.

Move at cloud speed without compromising security

Ensure agility with cloud-native security automation and robust protection. This includes identity-based segmentation, micro-segmentation, and AI-powered security to stop advanced threats.

Seamlessly scale your cloud protection without increasing operational burden

Break free from scaling limitations—whether you’re a cloud-first startup or a mature cloud enterprise rapidly expanding your dev, test, and production environments—by leveraging FortiGate virtual firewall integrations with cloud-native scaling services.

Secure your cloud transformation without impacting business outcomes, with flexible consumption models

Innovate faster while minimizing cybersecurity risks. Right-size your migration, expansion, and cloud-native architecture on any cloud with an array of choices. These include licensing and on-demand usage models.

Get to Know the FortiGate Virtual Firewall


No matter where you are with your cloud transformation, there’s a FortiGate virtual firewall that meets your needs.


Your business runs on one or more clouds and it needs security that protects without slowing you down and creating silos.

Hybrid Cloud

Look beyond traditional perimeter security. Protect your application workloads against lateral propagation of threats.

Keeping you ahead of threats

The Fortinet Security Fabric continuously assesses the risks and automatically adjusts to provide comprehensive real-time protection across the digital attack surface and cycle.

Powered by FortiOS, the Fabric is the industry’s highest-performing integrated cybersecurity platform with a rich ecosystem. The Fabric enables consistent security across the extended digital attack surface. Seamless interoperability, complete visibility, and granular control are now possible for hybrid deployments including hardware, software, and X-as-a-Service across networks, endpoints, and clouds.

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