Cloud-based Cyber Exposure platform for modern assets- from IT to cloud to IoT and OT

Eliminate blind spots with the industry’s most comprehensive visibility into traditional and modern assets, such as cloud, mobile devices, containers and web applications.

Vulnerability Management

Accurately identify assets and their vulnerabilities, enabling faster remediation. Supports today’s most dynamic assets in ever-changing IT environments.

Web Application Scanning

Enables a comprehensive view of vulnerabilities in all your web applications – including AJAX or HTML5 web apps.

Container Security

End-to-end visibility of container images. Discover, track and continuously protect containers. Seamlessly and securely enable DevOps. Lumin

Analytics, measurement and visualization insights to help organizations understand and reduce their Cyber Exposure risk.

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The tools and approaches organizations are using to understand cyber risk don’t even work in the old world of client/server, on-premise data centers and a linear software development lifecycle where there is less complexity and more control over security. An asset is no longer just a laptop or server. It’s now a complex mix of digital compute platforms and assets which represent your modern attack surface, where the assets themselves and their associated vulnerabilities are constantly expanding, contracting and evolving – like a living organism.

This elastic attack surface has created a massive gap in an organization’s ability to truly understand its Cyber Exposure at any given time. We call this the Cyber Exposure gap.

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