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Industrial Systems Require Industrial Grade Security

IT and OT infrastructures are rapidly converging. The days of air-gapped systems are gone. Industrial and critical infrastructure organizations are adopting IoT devices at an unprecedented rate.

As these environments converge and expand, your attack surface and attack vectors do, too. That means you likely have blind spots across your converged IT/OT infrastructure that can lead to unacceptable risk.


Get a comprehensive view of your industrial environment. Go deeper than simply listening to network traffic by actively querying devices in their native protocols.

With real-time information about your network and devices, you’ll always know your risk profile and be ready to address new threats as they emerge.

For complete understanding of your modern attack surface, unify your OT and IT security with a single vendor in an integrated solution.

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The tools and approaches organizations are using to understand cyber risk don’t even work in the old world of client/server, on-premise data centers and a linear software development lifecycle where there is less complexity and more control over security. An asset is no longer just a laptop or server. It’s now a complex mix of digital compute platforms and assets which represent your modern attack surface, where the assets themselves and their associated vulnerabilities are constantly expanding, contracting and evolving – like a living organism.

This elastic attack surface has created a massive gap in an organization’s ability to truly understand its Cyber Exposure at any given time. We call this the Cyber Exposure gap.

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