360° Of Control

Continuously track your scattered data’s location, anywhere: on-premise, on personal devices and in the cloud – with File-GPS™ beacons, transparently embedded into all your sensitive files

Key Features

  • Transparently track scattered data’s location, anywhere, with FILE-GPS™ which constantly “calls home” and reports on a file’s whereabouts
  • Unique dashboard displaying location and risk level of monitored data
  • Consistent data security controls across all data storage applications (including OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, NetApp and any Windows/Linux file storage)

Malicious Behavior Remediation

Detect both internal and external data breaches and abnormal use of company data by planting SoftwareMines™ (advanced virtual sensors) in critical areas. Obtain forensic evidence on internal offenders by deploying disposable agents on suspicious endpoints

Key Features

  • Prevent data breaches by planting SoftwareMines™ in sensitive locations adjacent to files that need protection
  • Detect external attackers by detecting SoftwareMines™ “detonations” (unexpected access or opening of files) in critical areas
  • Automatic deployment of disposable agents on suspicious endpoints

Employee-Centric Protection

Engage employees in your data protection efforts by using integrated Data Security Awareness Training Campaigns and avoiding unnecessary access to data

Key Features

  • Integrates training campaigns educating in real-time on safe use of necessary data only
  • Dashboard with clear metrics presenting the progress of the Data Protection Awareness Campaigns in your organization
  • Integrates mechanisms to collaboratively (with consent) remove employees’ unnecessary access to data

Enterprise Data Protection Just Got a Whole Lot Better

No painful installations​

Proactively prevent breaches

No classifications needed

Control your data everywhere

Empower employees

Easy regulatory compliance

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