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Rapid recovery

Redstor’s data-streaming technology allows you to recover massive systems in moments.

InstantData creates sparse files in your file system when a recovery is initiated, giving the user the experience of immediate availability. These sparse files are initially empty and are re-hydrated on demand. Less critical data is then recovered in the background.

InstantData achieves this using a bespoke kernel driver which intercepts read requests from the operating system.

The driver intelligently services read requests, either from a local disk or from the cloud, depending on where the data resides. The user experience is seamless, enabling access to data as if it were all stored on local disk.

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Redstor’s data-streaming technology also underpins our archiving service, enabling you to remove redundant, obsolete and trivial (ROT) data from your primary storage.

Our policy engine will identify infrequently accessed files and replace them with sparse files, giving you a saving in primary storage investment, with no change to the user experience. When files are accessed they’ll be streamed back to the user on demand by InstantData.

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